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    ECOWEEK NET The international network for young professionals

    Welcome to the ECOWEEK NET, the ECOWEEK Network for young and established professionals. The ECOWEEK Network was launched in 2011, and today has more than 2000 members in more than 50 countries. ECOWEEK Network is about international networking, and about saving on ECOWEEK registration, and receiving free or discount services and products from NET partners. Register to ECOWEEK NET, for a trial period, to find out more about the international platform for young professionals!

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    ECOWEEK NET Why join the Network?

    ECOWEEK NET is an international network established by architects for professionals, young professionals and students. ECOWEEK offers NET members: (a) Discounts to ECOWEEK registration (b) Free student license for professionals software (c) Networking opportunities, and (d) Opportunities to publicize your work and portfolio.

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    ECOWEEK What do I gain by joining the International ECOWEEK Workshops?

    ECOWEEK is an international NGO, which was established in Greece in 2005 with the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote sustainability through design, and is presently active in more than 15 countries. ECOWEEK international conferences and sustainable design workshops offer NET members: (a) Team-WORK (opportunity to work as a team and to cooperate) (b) Green-WORK (learn train on sustainable design and 'green' buildings) (c) Net-WORK (meet international peers and professionals) and (d) Real-WORK (get to design and build real projects)!

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    ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE The platform for innovation & entrepreneurship

    ECOWEEK created the ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE: the platform for young professionals for innovation, and for social and environmental entrepreneurship. GREENHOUSE workshops address REAL sites, REAL projects, for REAL 'clients' - institutions, schools, public spaces, and public welfare organizations.

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    Join the next ECOWEEK Conference and 'green' Design Workshops in a city/country near you!

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